$5 million Back To School vouchers

NTUC U Care Fund is again hand­ling out $125 per eli­gible school-going child of lower-income uni­on mem­bers and their fam­ily.

This will bene­fit 40,000 chil­dren with a total bene­fits of $5 mil­lion. NTUC uni­on mem­bers can now apply for this Back To

School vouch­ers till end Septem­ber 2010. The vouch­ers, till 15 Feb 2011, can be used to buy text­books, assess­ment or

ref­er­ence book­ds, sta­tion­eary, shoes, uni­on­forms, bags and oth­er school-related items (e.g.spectacles, hair­cut).

The U Care Fund, star­ted by the labour move­ment, man­gaged to raise 11.6 mil­lion this year, $1.6 mil­lion in excess of the

tar­get $10 mil­lion set ori­gin­ally.


Uni­on mem­bers whose gross house­hold income is $1800 or less, or the aveage income per fam­ily mem­ber is $500 or less can

apply to this fund. Hence, lower income pub­lic who applies to be NTUC uni­on mem­bers, pay­ing monthly fee of $9 per month,

with addtion­al $9 fee in Decem­ber, the total annu­al uni­on fee is thus $117. This is still more than the $125 vouch­er that

he stands to get for one school-going child. Moreover, the uni­on mem­ber­ship comes with many oth­er bene­fits such as bursary,

scho­l­or­ship and the 4% rebates from the pur­chase from NTUC Fair­price, among many oth­er bene­fits. More details at be found

at the NTUC web­site, http://www.ntuc.org.sg.


U Care fund is mostly con­trib­uted by Singa­pore Labour Fond­a­tion, NTUC Fari­price Found­a­tion , NTUC Choice Homes and NTUC


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