About aFp.net


To edu­cate and help one to achieve fin­an­cial free­dom at retire­ment through care­ful selec­tions of com­pre­hens­ive insur­ance sav­ings and invest­ment plans. This is done through per­sonal and fam­ily fin­an­cial needs ana­lysis to identify the most value-for-money and needs-driven plans at the dif­fer­ent stages of life; and con­stant reviews of insur­ance cov­er­age so as to identify gaps or, in many cases, redu­cing areas that are over-insured.



About Fin­an­cial Plan­ning provides

  • per­sonal and fam­ily fin­an­cial needs ana­lysis and planning
  • con­sulta­tion on insur­ance sav­ings and invest­ment plans
  • sum­mar­ies and unbiased per­spect­ives on insur­ance related sav­ing and invest­ment plans avail­able in Singapore
  • invest­ment and learn­ing oppor­tun­it­ies to achieve greater wealth through com­mer­cial affiliations


Asso­ci­ation with NTUC Income

Ginny Lim, author and editor of aboutFinancialPlanning.net, has chosen to rep­res­ent NTUC Income Cooper­at­ive, the only cooper­at­ive in Singa­pore, as cooper­at­ive is a busi­ness owned by the people who use its ser­vices. This means that poli­cy­hold­ers are the own­ers and share­hold­ers of NTUC Income, and, there­fore, reap greater sur­pluses and bonus com­pared to other private com­mer­cial insur­ance com­pan­ies. In fact, NTUC Income has announced in their web­site that Income dis­trib­utes 98% of their sur­plus to poli­cy­hold­ers which is higher com­pared to industry prac­tice. Hence, the poli­cy­holder stands to receive bet­ter returns on their invest­ment or insur­ance cov­er­age. Moreover, NTUC Income poli­cy­hold­ers also get to enjoy other priv­ileges and facil­it­ies such as book­ing of chalets in Singa­pore, Malay­sia and Indonesia.



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