New insurance plans for ladies and pregnant women

NTUC Income has just launched another 2 plans spe­cially designed for the women.

Lady 360 provides cov­er­age for spe­cific female ill­nesses, and sur­ger­ies as well as post dia­gnosis sup­port and bien­nial health screening.

Mater­nity 360 is spe­cific­ally designed to provide cov­er­age for an expect­ant mother between 13 weeks to 35 weeks of preg­nancy who suf­fers from preg­nancy com­plic­a­tions, is hos­pit­al­ized due to child­birth com­plic­a­tions or dies.  Her child is covered if dia­gnosed with con­gen­ital ill­nesses, admit­ted to an intens­ive care unit or high depend­ency unit of a hos­pital or dies.

Lady 360

Lady 360 is a non-participating, reg­u­lar premium plan spe­cific­ally designed to meet the pro­tec­tion needs of women who are from 15 to 59 years old. It provides cov­er­age for death, spe­cific female ill­nesses, and sur­ger­ies as well as post dia­gnosis sup­port and bien­nial health screen­ing for the insured up to age 64 years old. The min­imum sum assured is $25,000 and the max­imum is $100,000, and it can be increased in mul­tiples of $1,000.

The bene­fits include:-

  • Female Ill­nesses Benefit

100% Sum Assured – Chronic autoim­mune hep­at­itis; Malig­nant can­cer of female sites; Rheum­at­oid arth­ritis; SLE with lupus nephritis.

50% Sum Assured – Car­cinoma in situ of female sites; Osteo­porotic frac­tures of the hip and ver­tebra requir­ing sur­gery or repair.

  • Waiver of premium Bene­fit – Upon suc­cess­ful claim of Female Ill­nesses Bene­fit, premium will be waived for 24 months or till end of policy term, whichever is earlier.
  • Female Sur­ger­ies Benefits

50% of Sum Assured – Rad­ical vul­vec­tomy; Wertheim’s oper­a­tion; Uterus, total pel­vic exenteration

30% of Sum Assured – Breast lumpec­tomy – bilat­eral; Mastec­tomy – bilat­eral or uni­lat­eral; Hys­ter­ec­tomy; Com­plic­ated repair of fistula

15% of Sum Assured – Breast lumpec­tomy – uni­lat­eral; Urin­ary incon­tin­ence requir­ing sur­gery; Uter­ine pro­lapse requir­ing sur­gery; Thyroid dis­orders requir­ing sur­gery; Poly­cystic ovarian syn­drome requir­ing surgery.

  • Sup­port Bene­fit

100% Sum Assured –Recon­struct­ive sur­gery due to mastec­tomy fal­low­ing breast can­cer or car­cinoma in situ of the breast, malig­nant skin can­cer, acci­dental burns and accident.

25% Sum Assured – Oocyte cryo­p­reser­va­tion benefit

15% of Sum Assured – Molecu­lar gene expres­sion pro­fil­ing test for treat­ment guid­ance for breast cancer

5% Sum Assured – Out­pa­tient psy­chi­at­ric and hor­mone replace­ment therapy.

  • Care Bene­fit – Bien­nial Health Screen­ing and Lady 360 treats
  • Death Bene­fit - $10,000

Mater­nity 360

Mater­nity 360 is a 3-year non-participating, single premium plan spe­cific­ally designed to provide cov­er­age for an expect­ant mother and her child. The mother has to be from 17 to 44 years old and between the 13 weeks to 35 weeks of preg­nancy. Mater­nity 360 provides cov­er­age for the insured mother if she suf­fers from preg­nancy com­plic­a­tions, is hos­pit­al­ised due to child­birth com­plic­a­tions or dies. It also provides cov­er­age for the insured child if the insured child is dia­gnosed with con­gen­ital ill­nesses, admit­ted to an intens­ive care unit or high depend­ency unit of a hos­pital or dies. The Sum Assured (S.A.) is between $5,000 and $10,000 and can increase in mul­tiple of $1,000.

Mother’s Bene­fit Table

Preg­nancy Com­plic­a­tion Bene­fits – Abrup­tio pla­centae; Acute fatty liver of preg­nancy; Amni­otic fluid embol­ism; Chori­ocar­cinoma and malig­nant hydatidi­form mole; Dis­sem­in­ated intravas­cu­lar coagu­la­tion; Ectopic preg­nancy; Pla­centa increta or per­creta; Post­partum haem­or­rhage requir­ing hys­ter­ec­tomy; Pre-eclampsia or eclamp­sia Still birth.

Hos­pital Cash Bene­fit - Inpa­tient psy­chi­at­ric treat­ment; Post-natal anaemia; Puer­peral pyr­exia; Pul­mon­ary embol­ism; Repair of 4th degree per­neal tear; Sep­tic pel­vic throm­bophle­bitis; Sur­gical site infec­tion or trans­fu­sion due to retained pla­centa fol­low­ing child­birth. 1% of Sum Assured per each day of hos­pital stay, up to 30% of S.A..

Death Bene­fit – 100% of Sum Assured will be payable.


Child’s Bene­fit Table

Con­gen­ital Ill­nesses Bene­fits – Absence of two limbs; Anal atresia; Atrial septal defect; Bil­i­ary atresia; Cereb­ral palsy; Cleft lip and cleft pal­ate; Club foot; Con­gen­ital blind­ness; Con­gen­ital catar­act; Con­gen­ital deaf­ness; Con­gen­ital dia­phrag­matic her­nia; Con­gen­ital hyper­trophic pyloric sten­osis; Devel­op­ment dys­plasia of the hip; Down’s syn­drome; Infant­ile hydro­ceph­alus; Pat­ent duc­tus arteriosus; Ret­ino­pathy of pre­ma­tur­ity; Spina bifida; Tet­ra­logy of fal­lot; Trancheo-esophageal fis­tula or eso­pha­geal atresia; Trans­pos­i­tion of the great ves­sels; Trun­cus arteriosus; Ventricu­lar septal defect.

Hos­pital Cash Bene­fit – Bron­chitis; Dengue haem­or­rhagic fever; Hand, foot and mouth dis­ease; Incub­a­tion imme­di­ately after birth for more than 3 con­sec­ut­ive days; Pho­to­ther­apy or bold trans­fu­sion for severe neonatal jaun­dice; Pneu­mo­nia; Pre­ma­ture Birth. 1% of S.A. for each day of hos­pital stay, up to 30% of S.A..

Out­pa­tient Pho­to­ther­apy Bene­fit – Pho­to­ther­apy treat­ment due to severe neonatal jaun­dice. 1% of S.A. for each day of hos­pital stay, up to 30% of S.A..

Sim­pli­fied Applic­a­tion Bene­fit – Child can buy a new policy based on sim­pli­fied health declar­a­tion within 60 days after birth. Max­imum S.A. is $150,000 and cur­rent eli­gible plans are Vivo­life, Viv­alink, Revosave, VivoChild.

Death Bene­fit – 100% of Sum Assured will be payable.

New Senior Disease Insurance Plan, Silver Secure, from NTUC Income

NTUC Income has just timely launched a new insur­ance plan, Sil­ver Secure, to provide monthly pay­out till 100 years old when insured is dia­gnosed with any of the 8 defined senior dis­eases that are likely to plague the Singa­pore aging pop­u­la­tion in 2030 when we will have 1 in 4 Singa­por­eans aged 65 and above.

Sil­ver Secure is a non-participating, reg­u­lar premium plan that provides monthly pay­out till 100 years old for insured who are 40 to 74 years old and dia­gnosed with senior dis­eases. The bene­fits include:-

  • Senior Dis­ease Bene­fit – Inter­me­di­ate stage Alzheimer’s dis­ease or demen­tia; Inter­me­di­ate stage Parkinson’s dis­ease; Severe chronic obstruct­ive pul­mon­ary dis­ease (COPD); Amyotrophic lat­eral scler­osis; Blind­ness (loss of sight); Kid­ney fail­ure; Major head trauma; Para­lysis (loss of use of limbs).
  • Sup­port Bene­fit – Upon suc­cess­ful claim of Senior Dis­ease Bene­fit, a lump sum amount equal to six time of the monthly bene­fit will be pay­able. This bene­fit can be claimed once only.
  • Premium Waiver Bene­fit — Upon suc­cess­ful claim of Senior Dis­ease Bene­fit, premium will be waived until the policy ends.
  • Spe­cial Bene­fit – Upon dia­gnosis of the insured with any of the con­di­tions covered under the Spe­cial Bene­fit dur­ing the term of the policy, a lump sum equal to 3 times the monthly bene­fits will be pay­able (cap at $6,000). This bene­fit can be claimed once only.
  • Care Bene­fit – Sil­ver Secure provides insured with care bene­fits through a list of pre­ferred health­care pro­viders such as 10% off Home Care ser­vices from NTUC Health, 12% off Long Term Home Care Pack­ages from Tet­suyu Homecare.
  • Death Bene­fit – 100% of total premium will be refun­ded if death occurs within one year, oth­er­wise, $10,000 will be payable.

Con­di­tions covered under the Spe­cial Bene­fit are:

Move­ment – Osteoarth­ritis requir­ing sur­gery; Osteo­porosis with frac­tures requir­ing sur­gery; Rheum­at­oid arth­ritis with joint deformity.

Sens­ory — Age-related mac­u­lar degen­er­a­tion with visual impair­ment; Glauc­oma requir­ing sur­gery; Severe pres­by­cusis (age-related hear­ing loss)

Urin­ary dis­orders – Benign pro­static hyper­plasia requir­ing sur­gery; Stress urin­ary incon­tin­ence requir­ing sur­gery or procedure

Other dis­orders – Varicose veins requir­ing sur­gery; Severe obstruct­ive requir­ing sur­gery; Out­pa­tient psy­chi­at­ric con­di­tion due to loss of spouse or child.

The min­imum monthly bene­fit is $500, up to $10,000 per life, in mul­tiples of $100.

New Silver Protect to cover early stage cancer, fractures, hospice care and death

NTUC Income has launched another great term insur­ance plan “Sil­ver Pro­tect” spe­cially for those from 50 years to 74 years old to cover the following:-

  • Early stage can­cers — 25% of the sum assured upon dia­gnosis of an early stage can­cer. Sum assured will not be reduced by this payout.
  • Advanced stage can­cers — 100% of the sum assured upon dia­gnosis of an advanced stage can­cer. If there was no claim made for an early stage can­cer bene­fit, addi­tional 25% of the sum assured will be paid. All future premium pay­ments will be waived.
  • Acci­dental frac­tures — Up to 20% of the sum assured in the event of an acci­dental frac­ture. The amount of bene­fit pay­able is depend­ent on the site of the fracture.
  • Hos­pice care in the event of ter­minal can­cer — Up to 15% of the sum assured for hos­pice and pal­li­at­ive care in the event of ter­minal cancer.
  • Acci­dental death — 100% of the sum assured in the event of acci­dental death. If due to a restric­ted activ­ity, 30% of the sum assured will be paid instead.
  • Non-accidental death — $5,000 in the event of death not due to an acci­dent. If it hap­pens within one year from the cover start date, 100% of the total premi­ums paid will be refun­ded instead.

The sum assured offered are $50,000, $80,000 for $100,000 and renewal is guar­an­teed every 10 years till age 84. NTUC Income may provide cover even if you have exist­ing non-cancer related med­ical conditions.

New Cancer Waiver Rider (Guaranteed Acceptance) from NTUC Income

NTUC Income has just launched a new Can­cer Premium Waiver (GIO) (WPV10), which is a non-participating, reg­u­lar premium rider that waives future premi­ums on the policy for the remain­ing term of the rider upon dia­gnosis of the insured with any one of the major can­cers after one year from the cover start date and dur­ing the term of the rider.

In addi­tion, applic­a­tion for this rider is hassle-free and accept­ance is guar­an­teed. There is no need for any med­ical check-up*.

This rider is avail­able to spe­cified GIO plans and can be attached to both first and third-party policies at policy inception.

The list of GIO plans Can­cer Premium Waiver (GIO) rider is attach­able to:
1.       Lim­ited Pay RevoSave (ANRP)
2.       Lim­ited Pay RevoSave 3-Pay-10 (ANRV)
3.       Lim­ited Pay RevoSave 5-Pay-10 (ANRE)
4.       FlexRe­tire (FRR)
5.       Revo­Se­c­ure (RVGG)
6.       VivoC­ash (VCGL)

* If Insured had con­sul­ted a doc­tor for, suffered symp­toms of, was invest­ig­ated for, was dia­gnosed with, or received med­ical treat­ment for any caner, includ­ing carcinoma-in-situ, before the cover start date, no bene­fit will be paid under the Can­cer Waiver Rider, and the rider will be terminated.

25,000 Singapore Residents to pay extra 30% MediShield Life premium

Nation-wide hos­pit­al­iz­a­tion plan, MediShield Life, will be imple­men­ted on 1 Novem­ber 2015. Min­istry of Health has already iden­ti­fied 25,000 Singa­pore Cit­izens and Per­man­ent Res­id­ents with ser­i­ous pre-existing ill­nesses who will have to pay extra 30% extra premium for the next 10 years to cover the pre-existing ill­nesses. After which, they would pay the same premi­ums as their peers. If you belong to this group, you will receive a let­ter with details about your new MediShield Life cov­er­age, premi­ums and sub­sidies, includ­ing the Addi­tional Premi­ums. The vari­ous sub­sidies for MediShield Life premi­ums will also apply to Addi­tional Premiums.

If you cur­rently not insured with Medishield, you will also receive the let­ter soon to inform you on the premi­ums and sub­sidies. For oth­ers, you will only receive the let­ter one month before your plan is due for annual renewal from either the CPF Board (cover under MediShield) or your private insurer (cover under Integ­rated Shield Plan) with details about your premi­ums and sub­sidies for the MediShield Life com­pon­ent of your Integ­rated Shield Plan.

The broad cat­egor­ies of ser­i­ous pre-existing ill­nesses are:

Broad cat­egor­ies Indic­at­ive examples (not exhaustive)
Can­cer Lung can­cer, colorectal can­cer, breast can­cer, stom­ach cancer
Blood dis­orders Parkinson’s dis­ease, Mus­cu­lar dys­trophy, Amyotrophic lat­eral scler­osis (ALS)
Heart or other cir­cu­lat­ory sys­tem diseases Heart attack, Coron­ary artery dis­ease, Chronic ischaemic heart disease
Cerebrovas­cu­lar diseases Stroke
Res­pir­at­ory diseases Chronic obstruct­ive pul­mon­ary disease
Liver dis­eases Alco­holic liver dis­ease , Chronic hep­at­itis, Fibrosis or cir­rhosis of liver
Autoimmune/ Immune Sys­tem diseases Sys­temic lupus eryth­em­atosus, Human Immun­ode­fi­ciency Virus/ Acquired Immune Defi­ciency Syn­drome (HIVAIDS)
Renal dis­eases Con­gen­ital heart dis­ease, Con­gen­ital renal dis­ease, Bil­i­ary atresia
Psy­chi­at­ric conditions Schizo­phrenia
Chronic con­di­tion with ser­i­ous complications Hyper­tens­ive heart dis­ease, Hyper­tens­ive kid­ney dis­ease, Dia­betes with kid­ney com­plic­a­tions, Dia­betes with eye complications

Those whose pre-existing con­di­tions are less ser­i­ous or are well-controlled, such as well-controlled dia­betes, or hyper­ten­sion with no com­plic­a­tions, osteoarth­ritis, pre-cancers, fibroids or cysts or those who were hos­pit­al­ized due to a one-off event, such as an acci­dent or dengue are not sub­jec­ted to the 30% addi­tional premium.

Orange Health — Get $50 rewards for health screening

NTUC Income is reward­ing you with $50 Cap­it­aMall vouch­ers for exist­ing poli­cy­holder of IncomeShield/Enhanced IncomeShield;  or $50 dis­count off the 1st year premium for new sign-up of Enhanced IncomeShield if you meet the accept­able ranges of read­ings from the fol­low­ing 4 health indicators:-

  • Height and weight exam­in­a­tion to determ­ine your BMI
  • Blood pres­sure reading
  • Lip­ids pro­file (total cho­les­terol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides)
  • Fast­ing blood gluc­ose level test

You just need to book appoint­ment (for 21 years old and above) with NTUC Income part­ners, Unity Phar­macy or Health­way Med­ical at a spe­cial rate of $15 (inclus­ive of GST). Book­ing of appoint­ment at slots must be made at least 14 days prior to the health screen­ing date.

Accept­able ranges of readings

No Tests Items meas­ured Accept­able ranges
1 Height and Weight (to cal­cu­late BMI) BMI range • 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2
2 Dia­betes Mel­litus Profile Fast­ing Glucose • 3.9 – 6.0 mmol/L
3 Blood Pres­sure Reading Systolic Dia­stolic • 90 to 140 mmHg • 60 to 90 mmHg
4 Lip­ids Profile Total Cho­les­terol Trigly­cerides HDL-cholesterol LDL-cholesterol Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio • < 5.2 mmol/L • < 2.26 mmol/L • > 1.03 mmol/L • < 3.36 mmol/L • < 4.51


SG 50 Celebration from NTUC Income

Enhanced Incomeshield New Sign-up

To cel­eb­rate Singapore’s 50th birth­day, you will receive Cap­it­aMall vouch­ers, when you sign up for a new Enhanced IncomeSheild plan dur­ing the pro­mo­tion period from 10 May 2015 to 31 Decem­ber 2015.

For chil­dren (aged 12 years and below)
Enhanced IncomeShield plans Voucher amount
Pre­ferred (SG/PR/FR) $195
Advant­age (SG/PR/FR) $120
Basic (SG) $100
Basic (PR) $110
Basic (FR) $115
For all other new sign-ups
Enhanced IncomeShield Main plans Voucher amount
All plan types $100

SG – Singa­por­ean; PR – Per­man­ent Res­id­ent; FR – For­eigner
Terms and Con­di­tions apply. Click here for more information.

Med­ical Sub­sidy for Chil­dren hold­ing CHAS Blue Card
Chil­dren, aged 12 and below and hold­ing the Com­munity Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Blue Card, now enjoy a Med­ical Sub­sidy at all Health­way Med­ical Group Clin­ics. NTUC Income OrangeAid reaches out to fam­il­ies on the CHAS Blue scheme to reduce their expenses for GP med­ical treat­ment.
Each child can claim a total amount of $100.00 (exclud­ing GST), on top of the CHAS Blue Card subsidy.

This Sub­sidy is valid for all CHAS Blue child card­hold­ers (born in 2003 and there­after). If your child is ill, to receive the sub­sidy, simply take the fol­low­ing steps:
1. Bring your child and 2 neces­sary doc­u­ments (child’s CHAS Blue card and Birth Cer­ti­fic­ate) to a Health­way Med­ical Group clinic.
2. Fill in the Patient Con­sent Form at the clinic. For your ref­er­ence, a copy of the form is here.
With the com­pleted Patient Con­sent Form, NTUC Income will sub­sid­ise your child’s GP med­ical bills up to $100.00 (exclud­ing GST) in cel­eb­ra­tion of SG50.

View the list of par­ti­cip­at­ing clinics


SG50 Reward­ing First Gen­er­a­tion Policy Own­ers
NTUC Income will be reward­ing its poli­cy­hold­ers who own policies which are issued in 1970s and 1980s.  Cus­tom­ers who are eli­gible for this reward will be noti­fied by end June 2015.
For policies issued between 1 Jan 1970 t0 31 Dec 1979, the Cap­it­aMall voucher amount is equi­val­ent to the cal­cu­lated annual premium of the reg­u­lar premium policy, roun­ded up to the nearest $100. The table below shows some examples:

Cal­cu­lated annual premium of the policy Amount of Cap­it­aMall vouch­ers per policy
$100.00 and below $100
$100.01 to $200.00 $200
$500.01 to $600.00 $600
$1,500.01 to $1,600.00 $1,600
$2,000.01 to $2,100.00 $2,100

For policies issued between 1 Jan 1980 to 31 Dec 1989, the voucher amount is fixed at $50, regard­less of the annual premium amount.
Please note that the reg­u­lar premium NTUC Income Life Insur­ance Policies issued in 1989 or earlier must be in force as of 1 Janu­ary 2015.
How­ever, cer­tain policies are excluded for this reward as stated below:

  • Where policy own­ers are deceased;
  • Where policy own­ers are undis­charged bankrupts;
  • Sub­ject to trusts under sec­tion 73 of Con­vey­an­cing and Law of Prop­erty Act;
  • With irre­voc­able nom­in­a­tion under sec­tion 49L of the Insur­ance Act; or
  • Without any valid Singa­pore billing address.

Re-launch of Plus Rider for Enhanced IncomeShield

NTUC Income has just star­ted to offer the PLUS rider for new applic­a­tion and upgrade that is attached to the Enhanced IncomeShield. Stand­ard IncomeShield is still not entitled to pur­chase Plus Rider.
PLUS rider cov­ers the deduct­ible and 100% of the co-insurance of Enhanced IncomeShield.
Assist rider cov­ers the deduct­ible and 90% of the co-insurance of Enhanced IncomeShield. How­ever, the co-insurance pay­ment is sub­ject to a cap of $2000 for Basic Plan, $2500 for Advant­age Plan and $3000 for Pre­ferred Plan only.
For exist­ing Enhanced IncomeShield poli­cy­holder, you can apply to upgrade from Assist Rider to Plus Rider, sub­ject to under­writ­ing.
New applic­ant can now choose to apply for Assist Rider or Plus rider to attach to his/her Enhanced IncomeShield.

Yearly Premium for Assist Rider can be found here

Yearly premium for Plus Rider can be found here 

Inform­a­tion on Enhanced IncomeShield can be found here

Elderly to use more Medisave to pay for outpatient services

With effect from 1 April 2015, a patient who is aged 65 and above can use up to $200 a year from the Medis­ave sav­ings to pay for the fol­low­ing ser­vices:-
a) Out­pa­tient med­ical treat­ment received at des­ig­nated health­care insti­tu­tions, and gen­er­ally cov­ers med­ical ser­vices and drugs, tests and invest­ig­a­tions which are neces­sary for dia­gnosis or treat­ment of a med­ical con­di­tion and ordered by a doc­tor.
b) Screen­ing tests that are cur­rently under the Integ­rated Screen­ing Pro­gramme. This includes recom­men­ded screen­ings for selec­ted chronic dis­eases and can­cers.
c) To sup­ple­ment other out­pa­tient uses of Medis­ave.  This includes the new $300 limit for out­pa­tient scans that was imple­men­ted on 1 Janu­ary 2015, the exist­ing $400 Mediave400 limit[1], the vari­ous lim­its for can­cer treat­ment and dia­gnostics, and other out­pa­tient with­drawal lim­its. In addi­tion, the eld­erly can also use it to pay for the 15% co-payment when using Medis­ave for chronic dis­ease treatment.

Termed Flexi-Medisave, a patient can use up to $200 from his own Medis­ave or tap on his spouse’s Medis­ave, as long as the spouse is also aged 65 and above.

Flexi-Medisave can be used for out­pa­tient med­ical treat­ment at des­ig­nated health­care insti­tu­tions. These are:
a)    Spe­cial­ist Out­pa­tient Clin­ics (SOCs) at the pub­lic hos­pit­als and national spe­cialty centres;
b)    Poly­clin­ics; and
c)    Med­ical GP clin­ics par­ti­cip­at­ing in the Com­munity Health Assist Scheme (CHAS).

[1] Cur­rently, eld­erly patients can already use the Medisave400 limit for the fol­low­ing expenses:
a)    Out­pa­tient treat­ment of 15 approved chronic con­di­tions under the Chronic Dis­ease Man­age­ment Pro­gramme (CDMP);
b)    Screen­ing mam­mo­grams for women aged 50 and above; and
c)    Vac­cin­a­tions includ­ing Hep­at­itis B, pneumo­coc­cal and flu vaccinations.


Update to Critical Illnesses definitions and coverage

Life Insur­ance Asso­ci­ation Singa­pore (LIA) has just made two changes to the Crit­ical Ill­nesses (CIs) bene­fits offered under new indi­vidual and group insur­ance policies. These changes take imme­di­ate effect.

Firstly, the defin­i­tions to the “severe stage” of the cur­rent 37 CIs are updated. This is to reflect the advances in clin­ical prac­tices, med­ical sci­ence and technology.

Secondly, LIA now allows more than 30 CIs to be covered in a crit­ical ill­ness plan. Cur­rently, only 30 out of the 37 CIs are selec­ted by each insurer to be included in a life insur­ance plan.
Addi­tional crit­ical ill­nesses out­side the 37 stand­ard CIs will be set and defined by indi­vidual insurer. Insurer is also allowed to offer single-illness CI plan such as cancer.

The cur­rent defin­i­tion of the 37 CIs will not be sold from 1 Feb 2014.