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12 How much Life Insur­ance is needed for Crit­ic­al Ill­ness, Death and Total Per­man­ent Dis­ab­il­ity?
This art­icle revis­its the top­ic on life insur­ance but in great­er depth. The sum assured for life insur­ance and estim­ated premi­um required for the cov­er­age; early-stage crit­ic­al ill­ness plan and how it com­pares to the tra­di­tion­al advanced-stage crit­ic­al ill­ness plan are cla­ri­fied in this art­icle.
11 Sil­ver Tsunami hit­ting Singa­pore: Can you sur­vive?
With lower birth rate and med­ic­al advance­ment in drugs and implants that leads to longer life expect­ancy, Singa­pore will face a huge chal­lenge in 20 years times with few­er young people sup­port­ing the elderly.What can we do to weath­er the Tsunami in time to come…?
10 $0 for Med­ic­al Expenses: is it pos­sible?
Singa­pore health­care is one of the more well-estab­lished sys­tem in the world. While the costs for med­ic­al treat­ment at the heav­ily sub­sid­ized B2 and C wards at the Singa­pore Restruc­tured hos­pit­als remain afford­able, treat­ment and med­ic­a­tion at private hos­pit­al or non-sub­sid­ized wards can be high. So, hav­ing suf­fi­cient med­ic­al (hos­pit­al­isa­tion) and life insur­ance cov­er­age for you and your fam­ily mem­bers are import­ant in order to battle against the increas­ing med­ic­al expenses.
9 Estate Plan­ning for Every­one? Almost!
Estate Plan­ning is the pro­cess of plan­ning for the accu­mu­la­tion, con­ser­va­tion, and dis­tri­bu­tion of an estate to achieve both the tax and non-tax goals. It sounds com­plic­ated and seems to apply only to the rich with lots of money and assets to pass on to their bene­fi­ciar­ies. Not really! Estate plan­ning is for every­one. Even those with lim­ited wealth, some degree of plan­ning is still neces­sary, with min­im­al cost too.
8 Real Estate Invest­ment: Risks, Price and Returns
Overnight queues, bal­lot­ing, blank cheques… Singa­pore is prob­ably the only place on earth where the prop­erty mar­ket is abuzz with the above activ­it­ies whenev­er the gov­ern­ment has just announced the latest cool­ing meas­ure, the recent one being on 6 July 2018, whereby the Addi­tion­al Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) is increased by 5% in general.Before you hast­ily snap up a res­id­en­tial unit to beat the cool­ing meas­ure, it is import­ant for you to under­stand the risks involved in real estate invest­ment, to determ­ine your home afford­ab­il­ity and the reas­on­able price to pay for a unit, the poten­tial returns and how to pro­tect this valu­able invest­ment.
7 Retire­ment Plan­ning – Start right now the right way!
Suc­cess­ful retire­ment plan­ning not only requires you to know how much you need to save but also to start early (right NOW if you’ve not) with the right fin­an­cial instru­ment based on the time hori­zon you have…
6 Is Your Cash Flow and Bal­ance Sheet Healthy?
Work­ing out a cash flow state­ment or bal­ance sheet needs no more than know­ledge in ele­ment­ary math­em­at­ics. But it requires you to con­scien­tiously take note of all your daily and reg­u­lar expenses so that you can account for your money.
5 Reduce Income Tax with Sup­ple­ment­ary Retire­ment Scheme (SRS)
Save up to $3366 income tax a year by con­trib­ut­ing to your (and your spouse) Sup­ple­ment­ary Retire­ment Scheme (SRS) fund…
4 Insur­ance for Seni­or Cit­izen: How to provide and cov­er yourselves adequately!
The two most import­ant retire­ment and insur­ance plan your ought to know espe­cially if you are retir­ing…
3 Health Insur­ance: What’s what?
Health insur­ance is one area that most people over/under provides due to the lack of under­stand­ing of the vari­ous sim­il­ar insur­ance policies avail­able. Read on to find out their dif­fer­ences…
2 Insur­ance for Kids: What, Why and When?
Flooded with inform­a­tion from insur­ance agen­cies and even banks on insur­ance policies, sav­ing plans… for your child and can’t decide on which works best for you? Read on…
1 Pyr­am­id of Insur­ance Needs
Pyr­am­id of Insur­ance Needs shows the increas­ing level of insur­ance every­one need.
0 Fin­an­cial Ana­lyis Needs Form
An Microsoft Excel spread­sheet for you to do a Fin­an­cial Needs Ana­lys­is on your own.
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