For Everyone: Work Injury Compensation Act

With effect from 1 April 2008, Work Injury Com­pens­a­tion Act (WICA) replaces the Work­men’s Com­pens­a­tion Act (WCA). The cur­rent scope only cov­ers manu­al work­ers and non-manu­al work­ers earn­ing less than $1,600 per month. The scope isnowwidened to cov­er non-manu­als work­ers earn­ing above $1,600 per month. Though buy­ing insur­ance for this group of work­ers is not com­pulsary, employ­er is still liable for the com­pens­a­tion if a val­id claim arises. The min­im­um and max­im­um to the claim for death and Per­man­ent Inca­pa­city for all work­ders are as fol­lows:

  Min­im­um Max­im­um
Death $47,000 $140,000
Per­man­ent Inca­pa­city $60,000 $180,000

So it makes sense for employ­er to pur­chase insur­ance for all work­ers to trans­fer the risk to insurers.

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