Go Travelling with Peace of Mind

Many people buy travel insur­ance only one or two days before depar­ture. But do you know that it should be bought once you made pay­ment for your trip! Why so? Travel Insur­ance cov­ers risks asso­ci­ated with pre-departure events such tour agency’s bank­ruptcy, you or your fam­ily mem­bers fell sick and hence can­not pro­ceed with the travel. Travel insur­ance will cover the loss of non-refundable depos­its or other charges paid in advance.

Another import­ant thing to note is to take down the SOS num­ber and your policy num­ber so that you can call for assist­ance should evac­u­ation is required. You are advised to read through the policy doc­u­ment to know what kind of proof of doc­u­ments for other minor claims such as delayed or dam­aged or lost bag­gage, flight delay etc.

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