H1N1 Pandamic: What travel and health insurance cover?

Will you be covered by your travel- and health-insur­ance policies if you gets infec­ted with the Influ­enza A (H1N1) vir­us when you are over­sea, or if you can­celled your trip as a pre­cau­tion­ary meas­ure? Here are the answers…

my paper (01 Jul 09) checked with sev­en insur­ance and health groups on Mr Tan’s con­cerns as the vir­us spreads glob­ally…

(1) Is H1N1 covered under my health or life policy?
H1N1 is impli­citly covered in most health policies that cov­er hos­pit­al­isa­tion costs due to ill­nesses. Hos­pit­al­isa­tion and med­ic­al costs are gen­er­ally not coveredun­der life-insur­ance policies, said the Life Insur­ance Asso­ci­ation.

(2) If I travel to an affected coun­try and catch the vir­us, are my med­ic­al expenses covered?
Most health and travel policies will cov­er poli­cy­hold­ers who travel to affected coun­tries. How­ever, some impose geo­graph­ic­al lim­its. This means that treat­ment provided in cer­tain coun­tries or regions will not be covered.

(3) If I get quar­ant­ined in hos­pit­al (both in Singa­pore and over­seas), are my med­ic­al expenses covered?
Med­ic­al bills incurred under quar­ant­ine are not covered under some health and travel policies.
Examples: POSB MyShield and Trav­el­lerShield do not cov­er quar­ant­ine expenses. How­ever Raffles FluPro­tect plans will
cov­er expenses incurred dur­ing quar­ant­ine.

(4) If I can­cel a trip to H1N1-hit coun­tries as a pre­cau­tion­ary meas­ure, am I covered?

(5) Will premi­ums of insur­ance policies for travel to affected coun­tries increase?

Source: Dawn Tay, myPa­per, 01 Jul 2009

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