Medisave to pay for mammogram and colonoscopy

With effect from 1 July 2011, CPF Medis­ave can be used to screen for breast can­cer and colorectal can­cer. This may encour­age more to screen for these two top can­cers in Singa­pore, with over 1400 cases a year.

The lim­it for mam­mo­gram is $300 a year. It is $950 for colono­scopy, plus $300 a day for any addi­tion­al hos­pit­al charges. How­ever, if you have bought the Medis­ave-Approved Integ­rated Shield Plan such as NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield, colono­scopy is a day sur­gery and hence is claim­able. 

It is recom­men­ded for women aged 50 to 69 to go for a mam­mo­gram once every two years. And it is once every 10 years for those are above 50 years old. Though the cheap­er altern­at­ive stool test can be done annu­ally, it may not be that accur­ate.

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