New Critical Illness Definition from August 2020

The Life Insur­ance Asso­ci­ation of Singa­pore has announced that the new defin­i­tions of 21 of the 37 crit­ic­al ill­nesses with stand­ard­ised defin­i­tion across the insur­ance indus­tries will be updated with effect from 26 August 2020. The last change was made in 2014. This reg­u­lar review of crit­ic­al ill­ness defin­i­tion is con­duc­ted every 3 years.  

LIA feels that this is neces­sary to bring the defin­i­tion up to date and align with advanced made in med­ic­al tech­no­logy and med­ic­al prac­tice and also to address areas of ambi­gu­ity based on insights gained over the past 5 years of claim exper­i­ence.

One of the change is “Deaf­ness (Loss of Hear­ing)” has been amended to “Deaf­ness (Irre­vers­ible Loss of Hear­ing)”, with the term “irre­vers­ible” defined to recog­nise the pos­sib­il­ity of future med­ic­al treat­ments that can restore hear­ing to some level as med­ic­al advances are made. Sim­il­arly for “Loss of Speech”, it has been updated the defin­i­tion to “Total and irre­vers­ible loss of abil­ity to speak” from  ” Total and irre­cov­er­able loss of abil­ity to speak”  Anoth­er example is “Coma”. It is updated to exclude “med­ic­ally induced coma” for clar­ity.

So if you want to be covered under the exist­ing defin­i­tions of the 37 crit­ic­al ill­nesses, take action now and make sure that the policy is issued by 25 Novem­ber 2020.

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