New Personal Accident Plan SpecialCare (Autism)

NTUC Income has just launched a new Per­sonal Acci­dent plan, Spe­cial­Care (Aut­ism), spe­cailly designed for aut­istic child from the age of 15 days old to 30 years old. Par­ent will have to be the poli­cy­holder to buy for the child as the insured. Spe­cial­Care pays up to $60,000 to the familiy if death or Total Per­man­ent Dis­ab­il­ity (TPD) were to hap­pen to poli­cy­holder. Also, 5 years premium will be waived to tie the insured over this dif­fi­cult period.

As for the insured, it cov­ers out­pa­tient, hos­pit­al­isa­tion,  med­ical expenses due to infec­tious dis­ease, ambu­lance fee, physio­ther­apy and psy­chi­atic ther­apy etc.

The yearly premium for sum assured of $30,000 is $198 and for $60,000 is $352

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