NTUC Income — New Short-Term Savings Plan “DreamSaver”

NTUC Income Reg­u­lar sav­ings plan, Dream­Saver, is a short-term sav­ings plan for every­body, regard­less of your health status! It is guar­an­teed accept­ance with 101% or 105% pro­tec­tion value with bonus.

Dream­saver only requires you to save for 5 years. You can start to with­draw your FULL monthly premi­um back from the 6th years to the matur­ity term (8 or 10 years), without affect­ing the Pro­tec­tion Value dur­ing the draw­down. Not only it offers bet­ter interest rate of 3.06% p.a., it provides pro­tec­tion against death and Total per­man­ent Dis­ab­il­ity (Lost of sight, two legs etc.).

This is how Dream­Saver works.
1) You save a fixed sum of money to NTUC Income for 5 years.

2) From the 61th policy month (6th year), NTUC Income will give you cash­back of an amount equal to your monthly premi­um every month till matur­ity at the 8th or 10th year. You can choose to:
a) Spend it.
b) Save with us at cur­rent 3.5% per annum interest in depos­it account issued by Income.

3) At any point in time, you can with­draw the money from the Depos­it account.

4) Upon Matur­ity, you will also receive the ter­min­al bonus declare by NTUC Income.

An example is as shown below:

Dream­Saver Plan Amount
Monthly Sav­ings $500
Monthly Cash­back (From 61st month onwards) $500
Total Premi­um Paid $30,000
Guar­an­teed Matur­ity Amount $30,250
Total Cash upon Matur­ity (Non-with­draw­al) $37,691
Total Cash upon Matur­ity (with Monthly With­draw­al) $35,000
Pro­tec­tion Value $6,300 to $67,491

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