Overall Inflation at 5.2% in 2011

Depart­ment of Stat­ist­ics (DOS) has just dis­closed that the infla­tion for 2011 is 5.2% in 2011. This is a three-year high, driv­en by high­er costs of own­ing a car and high­er rent­al.

The top 20% of house­hold income earners are worst hit by infla­tion, with 5.7% infla­tion, where­as the bot­tom 20% house­hold income earners are affected by 5.2% infla­tion.

As more than 87% of our pop­u­la­tion own their homes in 2010, if the imputed rent­als on own­er-occu­pied accom­mod­a­tion is taken out, the over­all infla­tion is reduced to 4.2%, with the top 20% house­hold income hit by 5.1%, while the bot­tom 20% house­hold suffered only 2.2%.

If the private trans­port and accom­mod­a­tion are ignored, the over­all infla­tion rate is only 2.2%!

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