Report Your Motor Accident within 24 Hours to Insurer else…

From 1 June 08, all motor acci­dents have to be repor­ted to the insur­ance com­pany with­in 24 hours of occur­rence or by next work­ing day. The insurers will do the rest, from arran­ging for a replace­ment vehicle to mak­ing third-party claims. Should you fail to report promptly to your insurer, your claims may be pre­ju­diced or even declined by your insurer. There is a pen­alty of deduc­tion of 10% on the No Claim Dis­count (NCD) upon renew­al of your policy. Even if you are new driver with no NCD giv­en, you may not be awar­ded NCD in the sub­sequent years.

You should also report to the police with­in 24 hours if:

  1. There is a dam­age to a gov­ern­ment vehicle or prop­erty.
  2. It involves a for­eign-registered vehicle.
  3. It involves a for­eign-registered vehicle.
  4. It involves a hit-and-run incid­ent. 

In case of acci­dent, you should

  1. Exchange par­tic­u­lars of involved parties includ­ing Name, NRIC/FIN, Tele­phone Num­ber, Address and Insurer. Take note of the vehicle num­bers and take digit­al pho­to­graphs of the acci­dent vehicles and acci­dent scene. You can send the digit­al pho­tos via MMS to 97112758 on the vehicle num­ber and date of acci­dent in the format is <vehicle num­ber>, <DDMMYY>.
  2. Call your insurer’s hot­line for a tow truck or for fur­ther advice on the acci­dent. Avoid all  unau­thor­ized tow-truck oper­at­ors or repair work­shops.
  3. Report and bring your acci­dent vehicle (wheth­er dam­aged or not) to the approved report­ing centre/authorized work­shop with­in 24 hours or by next work­ing day. The centre/workshop will help to fill up the Singa­pore Acci­dent State­ment forms.

This move is seen by many to be effect­ive to tackle the inflated claim by the motor car work­shop. In simple cases, law­yers wil be kept out of the dis­putes as far as pos­sible to con­tain the cost. Fur­ther­more, non-injury motor claims dis­putes below $1,000 will now be addressed out of court — by the Fin­an­cial Industry Dis­putes Res­ol­u­tion Centre (Fidrec).

So let’s hope that motor premi­um will come down amidst the relent­less infla­tion in the com­mod­it­ies prices.


Use­ful Con­tact Num­ber

  • AIG 24-Hour Hot­line : 63386200
  • AXA 24-Hour Hot­line : 1800–8804741
  • NTUC Income 24-Hour Hot­line : 67886616 

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