Revamped ElderShield Launching in Sep 07

Singa­pore Gov­ern­ment has already announced on 27 May 07 that the new reformed Eld­erShield will be launched in Septem­ber 2007. What used to be a shunned med­ic­al plan for long-term care by Singa­por­ean might now be more appeal­ing and attract­ive to us. The new scheme will pay $400 for six years instead of five years. The new scheme also provides more sup­ple­ments with flex­ib­il­ity for lower claim eli­gib­il­ity, high­er pay­outs than $400 per month, longer pay­out with high­er premi­um. There­fore, Singa­por­eans can use less cash now to buy a bet­ter long term care that suit your needs, with the basic Eld­ershield plan using Medis­ave, and up to $600 of Medis­ave for Eld­ershield sup­ple­ments. In any way, the Medis­ave can­not be with­drawn except for med­ic­al pur­poses. Hence, it is prudent to ensure that the Medis­ave money is max­im­ized to its highest bene­fits, namely, cov­er totally for our hos­pit­al­iz­a­tion and the long-term care. This is to say, use our Medis­ave money to pro­tect us so that needed cash is being pay­out or reim­bursed from the insur­ance. Else the max­im­um $30+K of Medis­ave may not last us very long when unfor­tu­nate events occur.

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