New Personal Accident insurance for riding bicycle and personal mobility device

NTUC Income has just launched a new insur­ance plan, Per­sonal Mobil­ity Guard, to cover acci­dental death or per­man­ent dis­ab­il­ity, med­ical expenses and per­sonal liab­il­it­ies due to acci­dents while rid­ing a bicycle or a per­sonal mobil­ity device.

The table of bene­fits are as follows:

Bene­fit Sum Insured
Per­sonal acci­dent (per policy year) $200,000
Med­ical Expenses for injury due to an acci­dent (Per accident) $2,500 (Excess : $100 per accident)
Per­sonal Liab­il­ity (per policy year) $1,000,000

The yearly premium is $96, inclus­ive of GST. You will enjoy 30% off if you sign up before 30 June 2016.

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