2016 Kick Start Your Future with NTUC Income Promotion with $1000 cashback

From now till 31 Decem­ber 2016, the first 3,300 new applic­a­tion of Reg­u­lar Premi­um Life Policies includ­ing any applic­able rider(s) with a min­im­um annu­al premi­um of S2,000, you will get $1,000 cash­back in the form of a cheque which will be mailed to you with­in 45 days, one year after the Qual­i­fy­ing Policy is issued.

You are eli­gible to apply if you are a Singa­pore Cit­izen or Per­man­ent Res­id­ent who has gradu­ated from any of the Juni­or Col­leges or Cent­ral­ised Insti­tute Course, Inter­na­tion­al Bac­ca­laur­eate Dip­loma Pro­gramme, Singapore’s Insti­tute of Tech­nic­al Edu­ca­tion, Poly­tech­nics or loc­al or over­seas Uni­ver­sit­ies in 2012 or later. You must sub­mit evid­ence of hav­ing gradu­ated from such insti­tu­tions or pro­grammes.

Note that regard­less of the num­ber of applic­a­tions for each gradu­ate, only one policy will qual­i­fy for the reward under this Pro­mo­tion. In addi­tion, poli­cy­hold­ers who have par­ti­cip­ated and suc­cess­fully qual­i­fied for the “Kick Start Your Future With Us”

$1,000 cashback for Singaporean fresh graduate

Good news to the recent loc­al gradu­ates! You will get $1,000 cash­back if you apply for any reg­u­lar premi­um policy with annu­al premi­um of at least $2,000 from 20 July 2015 till 31 Decem­ber 2015.

You must be a Singa­pore Cit­izen and gradu­ated from any of the Singapore’s Insti­tute of Tech­nic­al Edu­ca­tion, Poly­tech­nics, or Uni­ver­sit­ies, from gradu­ation year of 2012 or later.

But do note that this pro­mo­tion is applic­able to the first 6,600 applic­able policies issued by NTUC Income. The $1,000 cheque will be mailed to the poli­cy­hold­er with­in 45 days, one year after the policy is issued and one year premi­um has been fully paid.

Update to Critical Illnesses definitions and coverage

Life Insur­ance Asso­ci­ation Singa­pore (LIA) has just made two changes to the Crit­ic­al Ill­nesses (CIs) bene­fits offered under new indi­vidu­al and group insur­ance policies. These changes take imme­di­ate effect.

Firstly, the defin­i­tions to the “severe stage” of the cur­rent 37 CIs are updated. This is to reflect the advances in clin­ic­al prac­tices, med­ic­al sci­ence and tech­no­logy.

Secondly, LIA now allows more than 30 CIs to be covered in a crit­ic­al ill­ness plan. Cur­rently, only 30 out of the 37 CIs are selec­ted by each insurer to be included in a life insur­ance plan.
Addi­tion­al crit­ic­al ill­nesses out­side the 37 stand­ard CIs will be set and defined by indi­vidu­al insurer. Insurer is also allowed to offer single-ill­ness CI plan such as can­cer.

The cur­rent defin­i­tion of the 37 CIs will not be sold from 1 Feb 2014.

Latest Regular Premium Plans Promotion from NTUC Income

NTUC Income has just launched the Reg­u­lar Premi­um Policies Pro­mo­tion from 8th Jan 2014 to 28th Feb­ru­ary 2014. You will receive up to $500^ Cap­it­aMall shop­ping vouch­ers when you apply dur­ing the pro­mo­tion peri­od.

Min­im­um   Monthly Premi­um

Vouch­ers   Amount

Premi­um   pay­ment term of 5 to 9 years

Premi­um   pay­ment term of 10  years and more










^ For policies with premi­um pay­ment term of 5 to 9 years, vouch­er amount is capped at $250 per policy.

For policies with premi­um pay­ment term of 10 years and above, vouch­er amount is capped at $500 per policy.

The qual­i­fy­ing plans are as fol­lows:-

1. Dream­Saver

2. Endow­ment Plan

3. Fam­ily Insur­ance Plan

4. Har­vest (GIO)

5. i-Ter­m/e-Term

6. Mort­gage Plan

7. Protection/ Lim­ited Pay Pro­tec­tion

8. RevoSave/ Lim­ited Pay RevoSave/ Lim­ited Pay RevoSave (5-Pay-10)

9. SAIL (Reg­u­lar Premi­um)

10. Seni­or Plan

11. Vivo­C­are

12. VivoC­hild

13. Vivo­Life

14. VivoLink

15. VivoSave

Terms and Con­di­tions apply. Click here for more inform­a­tion.