Update on tax on Supplementary Retirement Scheme withdrawal

Cur­rently, an SRS mem­ber can with­draw up to $40,000 per year from his SRS account tax-free on or after reach­ing the pre­scribed retire­ment age, assum­ing that he has no oth­er tax­able income. Over the max­im­um with­draw­al peri­od of 10 years, he can with­draw up to $400,000 tax-free.
How­ever, if an SRS mem­ber passes away before com­plet­ing his SRS with­draw­als or made a full with­draw­al on the grounds of ter­min­al ill­ness, he would not be able to enjoy the full bene­fit from spread­ing out his SRS with­draw­als over a 10-year peri­od. Hence, from year of assess­ment 2016, a tax exemp­tion of up to $400,000 would be gran­ted for SRS funds deemed with­drawn upon an SRS member’s demise or a with­drawn in full on the grounds of ter­min­al ill­ness.

Next, from July 2015, SRS mem­bers will be able to apply to their SRS oper­at­ors to with­draw an SRS invest­ment by trans­fer­ring the invest­ment out of their SRS accounts (e.g. into their per­son­al Cent­ral Depos­it­ory (CDP) account), without hav­ing to liquid­ate their SRS invest­ments. This is only applic­able for the fol­low­ing types of with­draw­als, which qual­i­fy for the 50% tax con­ces­sion:

  1. with­draw­al on or after the stat­utory retire­ment age pre­vail­ing at the time of an SRS member’s first con­tri­bu­tion (cur­rently age 62);
  2. with­draw­al on med­ic­al grounds;
  3. with­draw­al in full by a for­eign­er who has main­tained his SRS account for at least 10 years from the date of his first con­tri­bu­tion; and
  4. actu­al with­draw­al made by an SRS mem­ber or his leg­al per­son­al rep­res­ent­at­ive (if he is deceased) from his SRS account, after the SRS invest­ment that is to be with­drawn had earli­er been deemed with­drawn upon death or after the expiry of the 10-year with­draw­al peri­od.

All oth­er with­draw­als from an SRS account, includ­ing pre­ma­ture with­draw­als, must be made in cash.

Reduce Income Tax with Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

Sup­ple­ment­ary Retire­ment Scheme (SRS) is a vol­un­tary sav­ing scheme intro­duced by the gov­ern­ment to encour­age Singa­por­eans to save more for their old age. Singa­por­eans and for­eign work­ers can open an SRS account at any branches of the 3 SRS Oper­at­ors — DBS, OCBC and UOB. Par­ti­cipants can then con­trib­ute up to $12,750 (for Singa­por­ean and Per­man­ent Res­id­ents, or $29,750 for for­eign work­ers) to SRS at their own dis­cre­tion yearly.



One imme­di­ate bene­fit for par­ti­cip­at­ing in SRS is that you can claim tax relief for con­tri­bu­tions made to SRS. Each dol­lar of SRS con­tri­bu­tion will reduce your income chargeable to tax by a dol­lar. This works out to be a total sav­ings of up to $2,550, depend­ing on your Income Tax Brack­et and the SRS con­tri­bu­tion. You will need to con­trib­ute to the SRS account before 31 Dec of each year in order to enjoy the tax relief in the next year of assess­ment of income tax.

Before end of this year, you can reduce your income tax by con­trib­ut­ing to your Sup­ple­ment­ary Retire­ment Scheme (SRS). And read on NTUC income products that will help to grow your SRS money that beat the silent thief, i.e. infla­tion.

Let’s look at the two examples below. Con­tin­ue read­ing