U‑Save rebate for April 2018

The Util­it­ies-Save (U‑Save) rebate, which Singa­por­ean house­holds will receive as GST vouch­ers in April 2018, will help to off­set their util­it­ies bills. These vouch­ers will be dis­bursed every 3 months.

House­holds in one-and two-room Hous­ing Board flats will receive $95, those in three-room flats will get $85, those in four-room flats will receive $75, those in five-room flats, $65, and those in exec­ut­ive or multi-gen­er­a­tion flats, $55.  How­ever, if any one of the mem­bers own more than one prop­erty, then the house­hold will not be eli­gible for this rebate.

When the car­bon tax t is imple­men­ted from 2019, eli­gible house­holds will receive addi­tion­al $20 a year for three years, from 2019 to 2021. The addi­tion­al rebate amount will help to cov­er the expec­ted increase in elec­tri­city and gas expenses for house­holds.


Total annu­al amount of rebate from 2018 to 2021

HDB Flat Type Annu­al Rebate for 2018 Annu­al Rebate for 2019–2021
1‑room & 2‑room $380 $400
3‑room $340 $360
4‑room $300 $320
5‑room $260 $280
Exec­ut­ive/Multi-Gen­er­a­tion $220 $240



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