What can Medisave use for Chronic Illnesses Management and for Health Screening?

Chron­ic Ill­ness Man­age­ment

The Medis­ave for Chron­ic Dis­ease Man­age­ment Pro­gramme (CDMP) was launched in Oct 2006.  Dia­betes Mel­litus was the first chron­ic dis­ease covered under the scheme. Sub­sequently, hyper­ten­sion, lip­id dis­orders, stroke, asthma and chron­ic obstruct­ive pul­mon­ary dis­ease (COPD), Schizo­phrenia, Major Depres­sion were added to the list. There are now a total of 8 chron­ic dis­eases under CDMP. From 1 Nov 2011, demen­tia adn bipolar dis­order will be included too. For each bill, patients will only need to pay the first $30 of the bill (as the deduct­ible) as well as 15 per cent of the bal­ance of the bill. Medis­ave can be used to pay for the remain­ing amount. This is regard­less of wheth­er the bill is for a one-off vis­it or a pack­age.

  •  Deduct­ible:
    A deduct­ible of $30 will be set on each out­pa­tient bill. Bills below $30 will con­tin­ue to be paid in cash
  • Co-pay­ment:
    A co-pay­ment (in cash) of 15% on each out­pa­tient bill in excess of the deduct­ible will be set; and
  • Annu­al with­draw­al lim­it:
    With­draw­als will be sub­ject to an annu­al out­pa­tient with­draw­al lim­it of $300 per Medis­ave account. Patients can also use the Medis­ave of their imme­di­ate fam­ily member(s)* to pay for their treat­ment, up to a lim­it of $300 per year per account. A max­im­um of up to 10 accounts may be used.


Health Screen­ing

Women aged 50 and above can use their own or their imme­di­ate fam­ily member’s Medis­ave for their screen­ing mam­mo­grams at approved mam­mo­gram centres. Under the Medisave300 scheme, up to $300 per Medis­ave account a year can be used for screen­ing mam­mo­grams from 1 Jul 2011.   Per­sons aged 50 and above can use their own or their imme­di­ate fam­ily member’s Medis­ave for their screen­ing colono­scop­ies at approved colono­scopy centres. The with­draw­al lim­it for screen­ing colono­scop­ies will be pegged at the pre­vail­ing amount for exist­ing colono­scopy pro­ced­ures, as giv­en below.


Medis­ave with­draw­al lim­it for costs related to pro­ced­ure

Medis­ave with­draw­al lim­it for *related hos­pit­al charges


Colono­scopy, fibre­optic (screen­ing)




Colono­scopy, fibre­optic with remov­al of polyps (screen­ing)




* Refers to hos­pit­al­isa­tion costs like labor­at­ory tests, con­sum­ables and med­ic­a­tion etc. These costs will be sub­jec­ted to the per diem lim­it of $300 per day sim­il­ar to the Medis­ave with­draw­al lim­it for all day sur­gery pro­ced­ures

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